Plain song

I wish that I could take the chains that bind you,
And somehow lose them deep, deep in the sea,
Take the shattered dreams,  the lost ones,
And replace them with a shining hopeful scene.
But I am just a man not some magician, I have my own remembrances to bear.
But together we might forge a new tomorrow,
Built on rubble, built on sorrow, but with care.
With a will to smile we may just find the answers,
As to why our lives so far have not been bright,
As to why your brow is knitted now with sorrow,
As to why I feel no more inside your light.
Surely living with the pain will only kill you,
Let me try to make it seem a little less,
You are everything to me I ever wanted,
You’re the best of me, the place where I can rest.



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