The bargain

Take my spirit,

Run your fingers,

Through each,

And every part.

Through the light of it,

The dark of it,

Learn to see it’s colors,

And it’s shades.

Trace each part,

With questing,


And come to know,

The pulsing,


Dance of me.

Feel beneath your,

Finger tips,

It’s joy,

It’s sorrow,

My heart’s beat.

Standing before you,

Naked and exposed,

I chose to give you,

Every part.

The whole of me,

Unashamedly raw,

With no pretense,

And if you choose,

To love the soul,

You find,

Then it is yours.

But feel the whole,

Not just the good.

It’s pain,

And quiet sadnesses,

It’s failures,

Thoughts that it,

Would hide.

Take it,

Feel it,

Let it stand,

As is,

Not called upon,

To change,

But rather,



It is yours,

If you find,

It pleasant,

In your,

Spirit’s eyes.

ottoman calligraphy


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