The web of life

As above,

So below,

And as below,

It is above,

If we would walk,

Our highest path,

Attain the best and brightest,

That human frames can form,

Honouring our nature and our place,

Within this perfect, spinning home.

All must be worthy,

Or none have worth.

All must be free,

Or all enslaved.

All must be equal,

Or all will fail.

All must be true,

Or prove all false.

All must know dark,

To know the light.

All must be holy,

Least all be sin.

All prayers be sacred,

Or all be blasphemy.

All life has worth,

Or all are but a resource.

We are such petty, trifling things,

We humans who would claim to be,

Above the very laws of life.

The leopard hunts the antelope,

Yet one is not the greater, both,

Rely upon the others gift.

The one is food,

The other thins the herd,

And both have value,

With out both gifts,

Starvation comes,

Either to leopard,

Or to antelope.

And yet we sit and think that we,

Are more than nature,

Make her out our slave,

And wonder why she then rebels,

Casting us into dirty sea and air,

To revel in the filth that we create.

Or else through monetary gain,

She prompts the poor to rise and take,

The rich man’s palace and his life.

Each time we seek dominion over,

Another strand within the web,

We find, poor broken minded fools,

That we set seeds for our own death.

Unless we teach our children well,

The truth within the old, old song,

The song of balance,

And of life.

As above,

So below,

And so below,

It is above.

It’s in the balance,

Where we must live

Or else all tips,

And falls.



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