Football crazy

I hope that it is worth it,
When the cheering fades away,
When the beer is drunk,
And the hangover is cleared.
I hope you smile and say,
They won that team you love.
I hope your nails grow back,
And there wasn’t any tears.
For the love of soccer,
For the love of sport,
Is essential to your soul.
It’s the air you breathe,
Food to your soul,
It is the very stuff of life,
Excitement, passion,
Electric, vital,
Joy beyond compare,
A thousand little boys will cry,
At each goal missed,
Each almost scored,
I wonder was it worth the price?
Of quarter of a million souls,
Thrown out of homes,
Now dispossessed,
Children and babies,
Mothers and old,
Just so that you,
Could cheer a team,
And claim the referee was blind.
But so are you.
Blind to the cost of those,
Who lost everything
Just for a game.
And once the game is over,
And the cup awarded too,
Will you count the true and real cost,
Of this the once beautiful game?



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