The failure

Oh, how I have failed.
Failed to meet the expectations,
And the wants, the needs,
Of all mankind.
Failed to be the things they need,
Right when they need it,
They changeable as wind.
Failed to meet their every need,
Their every want,
Immediately, unquestioningly.
Failed to take the beating,
With a smile, a thank you,
When failure comes as failure must.
Oh,  how I have failed.
Failed to be the friend they need,
The lover, brother, child,
Who puts the soothing balm.
Failed to find answers,
Stood dumb when screamed at,
Unable to say why it went wrong.
Failed to answer the clarion call,
Of expectation, demanded,
Without reasonable price.
Failed to make your day,
Just that bit brighter, easier,
To fill it with sun when it was gray.
Oh, indeed I failed.
Failed to see your need,
Instead of seeing mine for sleep,
Or food, or even affirmation.
Failed to put your wants,
Before my own in all things,
Always, always answering your call.
Failed to see your worth,
Above my own, for you are great,
And I am only there to serve.
Failed to be more,
To be your thought,
Of what a man should be.
O, yes I failed.
Failed to anticipate,
Your every mood, your every whim,
Every thought to come into your head.
Failed to break my back,
And slit my wrist to give my soul to you,
And in the failing am cast off.



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