Our last kiss

When you choose to close,
Your eyes for the last time,
I hope you’ll take my hand,
And kiss me as before.
Don’t think about the path you choose,
Just think of all you’ve done.
I’ll never ask you just to stay,
If you know you are done.

Turn to face the light,
And smile like I once knew.
Hear my lullaby,
That I sing to you.
Of how you are the only one.
Of all you gave to me.
Of how I love you more than self,
My lover proud and true.

I don’t want to see,
A teardrop in your eye.
As you slip away,
It’s not the time to cry.
But rather to remember all,
The beauty that you gave,
To this broken spirit,
That somehow now is saved.

Love I’ll miss your kiss,
And the coolness,
Of your hand.
I’ll miss your laugh each day,
And the warmth of your embrace,
But asking you to stay dear,
Is a price you shouldn’t pay.
So I’ll hold you close my darling,
As you breathe your last.

Love is more than gold,
And more than rubies too,
Love is all you offered,
And it was enough.
So slip to dreams my angel,
We’ll dance among the stars.
I’ll hold you tight my soul mate,
As you leave this world today.



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