I can feel your heart,
The sweetness of your breath,
Feel your arms around,
This waist that you caress,
And in the quiet moments,
As I dance alone,
I remember all our lifetimes,
Where our souls began to breathe.

You my handsome angel,
You who look so well,
You who break the sadness,
Dwelling in this heart.
You who make me smile,
At just the thought of you.
You who are more wonderful,
Than I have words to tell.

The sun is setting now,
And the shadows creep on in,
As I move beside the fire,
To see you dance again,
And wonder what you’re doing,
And whether you miss me.
I’ll wait until tomorrow,
When a new dawn can bring hope.

I am happy here,
Sitting in my room,
Waiting for a time,
When spring will come a new,
And we can both be happy,
In each others arms,
I promise you that I will wait,
Until all time runs out.



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