So the time has come for me,

To say good night to you,

To kiss my palm once more,

And hold it to my heart,

And hope that you can feel it,

Where ever you may be,

And know that you are more,

Than life and breath of me.


Each time I close my eyes,

I see your smiling face,

And reaching out my arms,

I feel your warm embrace,

And hold that precious moment,

To still my aching heart,

For I feel lost without you,

As I did right from the start,


So I sing this lullaby,

Not to bring you pain my love,

I won’t ask you to be here,

When you must walk your path,

But I sing just to remind you,

Of your place within my heart,

And I sing to say I love you,

Till our lips will never part.


I once promised you my darling,

That I would love you till,

That final blossom falls,

From the final tree on earth,

And, oh, how I still mean it,

Not to pressure you my star,

But remember you are precious,

And remember you are loved.


There will always be a way,

For you and I to dance,

Beneath the quiet stars,

To the beating of our hearts,

And until the day we marry,

And forever after that,

You will be my shining angel,

And where my soul can rest.







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