Proud angel, floating on the tide,

Of human hearts and human frailties,

Be merciful I pray and pass us by,

Who are perforce the ones,

That struggle to survive.

For others found an easier route,

From there to here, but we were called,

To die a thousand deaths before,

You found us here on judgement day.

For we are judged by more than you.

Judged and condemned by human lips,

By human feet that have not walked,

The blistering paths of earthly purgatory.

Be merciful, proud angel, whom we know,

For we are crucified on others’ morals.

Held to a standard that is not for us to meet,

And we are weary from the failing.

Proud angel, hear our cry for peace,

We are the ones created to,

Be forever cast aside,

Or else by force condemned to die,

Again, again because we fail.

Ours is not a life of choice,

But rather woven by strange hands,

That knot and twist our thread until,

We find ourselves entangled by their whim.

We are the lost, abandoned ones,

We are creators of fresh paths.

We are the ones who learned to be,

Meek in our judging, yet are seen,

Wrong, damaged, broken, spoiled,

Because we are not like,

The other girls and boys.

Proud angel, cast your gaze on us,

And judge not as we grasp at joy,

Within a world, so oft,

Denied to us by others hands.




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