How easily do we forget,
That we are nothing but alone.
For none of us will live the life,
Or walk the journey of another.
We cannot know the path they trod,
The stones they stumbled on.
When we forget this simple truth.
Then we forget our own humanity.
We are not called upon to be,
Spliced one to the other perfectly.
We cannot feel, interpret what,
Each neuron’s spark is meant to be.
And so we are the universal dark.
For a we stand upon the shore,
And looking up we see the stars,
We think we see the heart of all,
Creation laying there before us.
Yet all we see is but a glimpse of god.
It is a foolish man who says “I know”.
Before you judge me think on that,
I am no different from the stars,
You do not, cannot know my whole,
As I cannot know yours.



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