If I were God

If I were God then I would ask,

Politely of my followers,

Just where the bloody hell they got,

That some of them were less than others?

How they could live their lives,

By thinking only of their death,

And how in my name could they then,

Try to deny my gift to someone else?

I’d ask them politely to explain,

The process of their thoughts when they,

Say I who made each living thing,

Could make mistakes with any one of them?

Then there would be a word or two,

On brotherly love, the real thing,

Where one man helps his brother, not,

As happens now, where one’s enslaved,

While the other picks his pockets.

I’d point out how they fascinate,

By saying popes cannot be wrong,

Even to the way the sun,

Forgets to move around the earth,

But rather moves as I had set it to.

And then before we were quite done,

I’d ask them to explain again,

When my own son, who is myself,

Had told them how to care for kids,

Suffering no harm to come to them,

How they had then protected those,

Who hurt and killed the little ones.

But most of all I think that I,

Would find the most objectionable,

How my name had been used to kill,

The minds and souls of countless beings,

By telling them that I condemn,

Them to a fiery pit of hell,

For just being them,

And then to add salt to the wound,

Daring to feel superior,

While watching lives cut short,

From feeling worthless,

Lives left unfulfilled.

If I were God then I would smite,

The preacher and the ones who hate,

All my creations, all my kids,

And use my name to justify,

Their evil, wicked ways.

But then I am not God,

So I suppose that he,

Is either blind, or deaf, or mad,

Or else he never did exist,

Because if in his image I was made,

Then he is not a father who,

I would ever want to know,

He is not protector, loving God,

He does not care for those he made,

So I would hope to find him gone,

For he is not a God I’d choose.




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