Ageless, a creature deeply dwells,
Shifting within the mire and sludge,
To raise, in swirling, twisting, clouds,
The sediment now black with time.
A flash of scale, a hint of claw,
Within the muddy water, all that’s seen,
Or else, perhaps, a cold, dead eye,
Blinking slowly in the shadows.
This ancient predator, this King,
Of all that lies within the deep,
This ruffian of the sharpest teeth,
That pull the innocent down below.
Gliding through ensnaring weed,
That clutches at unwary legs.
To hold the swimmer tight until,
The Lord of death can rise and catch.
For this is his realm and always will be,
This the place o’er which he rules,
This the place where we must come to,
Visit our past and seek our truths.
The nightmare prince of deepest water,
Rules beneath the surface still,
To snatch us when we last expect.
We know he’s there, we know the caution,
We see his progress through our lives,
Till all that’s left are only ripples,
To mark the place where dreams now lie.



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