And in the doing and undoing,
The rush towards the grave,
Leave no mark upon this earth,
Save one.
That you have done your best.
It does not matter how high you flew,
Or if your bank account was full.
For you are marvelous,
Just in the breath and being.
There’s not one part of you,
That isn’t worth the living.
But you were taught,
To hate yourself,
And you were taught,
To think the less,
Of who you are,
Just in yourself.
Stand on a beach,
You wondrous,
Magical being.
Stand on a lonely beach,
Take in the vast,
Majestic whole.
This landscape,
Wide and beautiful.
This world would say,
You are but one,
Small grain of sand,
Within that scene,
Too insignificant,
Too small to care about.
And it is true,
That you are small,
But so is every other man.
It’s what you choose,
To leave behind,
That matters in the end.
How softly did your foot fall?
Did it crush the grass and flowers?
Or did you walk in gentleness,
To leave a better earth.
You are one grain of sand my son,
And tiny you many be,
But sand grinds stone to nothing,
If it lives harmoniously.



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