How have we been deceived,
And let ourselves be led astray?
By kings and princes bent on wealth,
By politicians craving power,
By priests who claim to know the truth,
By men who come in clothes of white,
That hide the bloodstains underneath.
Two hundred years it’s taken them,
To render this our earth, our home,
Uninhabitable, broken, wrecked,
Turned from an eden into poison dust.
And still we hide our heads in lies.
Told by the sons of those started this,
That there is nothing wrong, That we,
Require the things that make them rich,
And let them so arrange our lives,
That those same lies are proven true.
So water is now laid death,
The lungs of earth are felled,
The mountains blown apart,
And nothing left of paradise.
And all we look at pretty things,
And lust for them regardless,
Of cost to earth or to ourselves,
Or to our children when they grow.
For we have bought the bigger plan,
That nothing really matters,
For they are searching newer homes,
Out in the stars of widest space.
And those that can afford the cost,
Will find escape from poison air,
And poison earth and poison seas,
And poison in our very veins.
No they, the blessed who started this,
Will look back as they fly away,
Remarking how their best possession,
Was our own minds and willingness,
To swallow all their lies that this,
Was all in our best interest.



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