Give me an ocean of sky,

Framed by mountains,

So I can count the stars,

And never finish.


Let me curl up on the turf,

Smelling the earth,

And feeling my spirit,

Merge with it.


May hawks wake me,

Owls sing me to my sleep,

Let me know the flow and feel,

Of nature always.


So wind become my cloak,

And rain caress my skin,

And may I always, always be,

True to what I am.



2 responses to “Prayer

    • Thank you and I agree with the idea that we are more easily ourselves when we are alone but I also see it as a choice. How we choose to be alone and also engage others influences the “us” we become. For me this is my prayer.To find a way to live simply and to live in harmony with the planet I love. All blessings.

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