I would bring a rose,
To your bedside every day.
To kiss your eyes awake,
And kiss your heart to joy.
I would walk out into morning dew,
To find the perfect bloom,
Then select that lesser mirror,
Of all I see in you.

I would smile at you,
And hope that you would know,
That the care I shown,
In getting it to grow
Is nothing to the care I feel,
When I look in your eyes.
My blessing of a lifetime,
You who let me live.

I would bring to you,
That rose that I had grown,
It’s perfume just a hint,
Of the fragrance of your soul.
The color of its petals,
Imitating your own lip.
The perfection of its form,
That’s a lie compared to yours.

Roses they must fade,
As all our bodies do,
And slowly we must turn,
To a grayer hue,
But the beauty of my darling,
Is always in my eye,
And even on that sad, last day,
I’ll see your perfection still.



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