Something wonderful this way comes

Something wonderful this way comes.
Not because I know but ’cause I choose it,.
I choose, to see the beauty in each morning,
And see the hope with every setting sun.
I chose to see the miracle and wonder,
Chose to smile with every drop off rain,
Find the magic, hold it, claim it, and wonder,
At everything I find within my path.
I chose to smile when other men are angry,
I chose to hope and risk the name of fool.
I chose to love where others say there is none,
I chose to follow my own road as truth.
For the is beauty in each passing second,
I chose to find the wonder of an hour,
For poverty is not the man with pennies, It’s the man who sees no magic in this life.
Something wonderful this way comes,
And I chose now to grasp it.



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