To the cosmic author

Herein. We end our tale.
This chapter filled with tragedy and gore,
Where hero lost is yet to find his way,
And dragon breath licks at the pages edge.
The tale is lost, the story now too sad,
The princess died alone inside her tower,
The wicked witch turned children into blood,
And elves and fairies now are turned to dust.
This chapter is so steeped in tears and woe,
Our hero has no chance to breach the walls,
Of castles grim to rise and save the day.
So let us in the turning of the page,
Wrote so new story for our hero bold,
Wherein he had the chance to live and love,
Wherein he learns the lesson not just the cost.
So take up pen and choose a different ink.
One less corrosive in its ways of speech,
Let ink flow on to write to the conclusion,
But turn those words now into words of love.
Oh,  let him find the princess in the tower,
Let them for once find peace and joy,
And let their story now become a blessing,
And light to shine the more in this dark world.



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