Raven with the silvered highlights

So let me now speak one last truth,
Before I walk into the night,
That I will not be villain in this dance,
For all that happened, you that asked.
And in your asking I delighted,
As you encouraged so you led,
This simple heart to trust, to follow,
To explore the dreams inside your head.

You asked for love, I gladly gave it,
Asked for commitment this I gave.
My raven with the silver highlights,
You chose to give me hope that all,
The fantasies and dreams you wanted,
With me, might some day, all come true.
But then you chose to go, just vanish,
To leave me left alone to mourn.

Perhaps another would be angry,
Or curse your name and turn to hate.
But me, discarded, still I stand tall,
For love is not a game to play,
And I shall never be the false one.
Yes I will stay till cast away.
So you can never claim I left you,
Deserted you who is my light.

No rather I remember all we spoke of,
Each word encouraging my soul to hope.
Have read each line and see no fading,
Till sudden death and loss of light.
But reading all those words eternal,
I see the cloud in which you hide.
My raven with the silvered highlights,
Who love perverted for a prize.



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