Apollo Artemis

Though I may burn with brightness of the sun,
Yet still I find some moment where, the moon,
Must be my face. Looking for some other son,
To gently now reflect the light of into dark.
For as like ebb and flow of tides I now am weak,
I find myself distracted by my mind and heart,
Remembering the past now lost and gone,
And futures far too vague to comfort me.
Until like Phoenix bursting into flames,
I will arise again to take Apollo’s place,
And chase across the skies in chariot of fire,
Till then must I be like the violet and shy,
Or fox who hides in shadows not now seen.
Yet will I rise again and I must hold to this,
Or else be lost in night’s cold and lasting kiss.
Reflect and be reflected,
Embrace and be embrace,
To be the moon and sun,
And feel the light and dark,
To find such balance in another’s eyes.
Both Artemis and Apollo in one space.



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