Fragments #2

Fuck Life,

And fuck the being in this place,

Fuck every child,

And every living soul,

Fuck everything.

Fuck speaking,

Fuck listening,

Fuck caring,

Fuck all the dialogue that leads to no where.

Fuck the feelings,

Fuck the holding them inside,

Fuck the reasons.

Fuck it all.

Fuck peaceful balance,

Fuck the pain,

Fuck all the being once again,

Fuck all the forgiving,

Fuck the lies,

Fuck hope,

Fuck dreams,

Fuck your disguise.

Fuck being me,

Fuck being you,

Fuck trying hard,

And fuck failing too.

Fuck waking up,

Fuck breathing still,

Fuck open arms,

Fuck deceitful hearts.

Fuck working for a future bright,

Fuck sleepless, empty, lonely nights,

Fuck being judged,

Fuck speaking truth.

Fuck broken hearts,

Fuck dreams and hope.

Fuck every tiny, little thing,

Fuck all the big ones,

Fuck it all.

Fuck hiding pain to keep things cool,

Fuck silences and being right,

Fuck always, always being wrong,

Fuck surrendering what little I now have.

Fuck this world,

Fucking every bit,

Fuck trees and rivers,

Fuck the city.

Fuck being hurt,

For others joy,

Fuck joining with the world again,

Fuck mental health,

Fuck living well,

Fuck working every stinking day,

Fuck making sure I don’t disturb,

Fuck more important lives than mine.

Fuck BPD and PTSD,

Fuck being shackled with their curse,

Fuck rape, abuse,

Fuck bullied kid,

Fuck God,

Fuck all who cling to him.

Fuck anger, rage,

Fuck being sad,

Fuck opening up,

Fuck being stabbed,

Fuck being used,

Fuck being mad,

Fuck never having been a dad.

Fuck everything,

Fuck everyone,

Fuck me,

Oh, just throw me away.




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