Fragments # 6

There is a difference between worth and value.

The one is based on the assessment of the group.

It is how much you are not who.

It is the reduction of a soul to fit criteria. Worth is destructive, worth tells us we must always be,

Less than the whole we are.

Worth breaks us because we can never have enough.

Worth is the language of merchants, pimps, and thieves.

Value on the other hand is a completeness.

It recognizes the whole rather than reducing us to the part that’s wanted.

Value is the ability to be everything and nothing at the same time.

It is something precious we recognize in another.

Value is worth turned into a protective state.

When someone has worth they must prove it.

When someone has value they are seen as such and treasured.

But more than this.

When someone has worth they are a commodity that can be used up, thrown away, disposed of when no longer wanted.

Value is when no matter how hard the situation the central thought is for the other person.

They stop being disposable and we consider them before ourselves.

We lose our need to question the value we see in them.

It is the difference between a rose and a weed. The one is seen as having worth the other worthless. Yet to the butterfly the weed has greater value. It is food,  a place to ensure the next generation,  it is a place to land and shelter when the rains come. The weed has greater value than the rose but all men see is what is worth to them. Value is the stuff of life and growth. Worth is death and the means to destroy others.


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