I have learned gratitude for those,
Who frowned me this face.
Who chose to carve their lives on it,
I have learned gratitude.
Without them I would not be here,
Able to stand beside the ones,
They choose to hurt each day.
Yes I am grateful for their choice,
To take a child and break his mind,
And take a teenage boy and teach him hate,
Of both himself and everyone who chose to sin,
I choose love the ones who frowned me this face.
For every line and every hair of grey,
Now stands as testament that they all lost,
And though its taken twenty years,
I love the ones who frowned me this face.
I see the world that they call ugly,
See the ones that they reject,
And tracing lines upon my face,
I smile and stand beside the cursed.
The rapes, abuse, the beatings harsh,
The church camps, and the castings out,
All carved their lines and greyed the hair,
But I am grateful for this face.
There have and will be other men,
Who try to make me frown the more,
But even they, though lines they add,
Will find me grateful for their work.
The lessons have been hard to take,
The path has nearly broken me,
But I say thank you I am blessed,
By ones who chose to frown me this face.

6. Phoenix from Aberdeen Bestiary


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