Meditation on slavery

A slave is still a slave,
Though every word his master says,
Declares him to be free,
If the life created causes him,
To feel the ghosts of chains.

No freedom is not there,
Until the slave can walk into the light,
And blinking know he stands alone,
No hands to pull him back,
Or keep the handcuffs locked.

For freedom is the right to fail,
The right to starve,
The chance to soar,
It is the right to die alone,
Without another holding tight.

Yes, freedom for the slave is this,
The right to be completely whole,
And stand within their meager power,
To shake the world,
And rise above his owner.

No. He is still a slave until,
Equality is seen and meant,
Until no claim is made on him,
Until that day he still is slave,
And always will bite at his chains.



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