Olympus shall fall

How quickly does the one become,

Another lesser, fouler thing,

When we ourselves have chose to change?

How quickly did the titan vast,

Become a thing of hell and filth,

Because Olympian chose anew?

What once was fair must now be foul,

To fit a newer view of life,

And lay diminished in a mind,

A broken statue from the past.

And so a light was turned to dark,

Cast out from heaven to be lost,

Into the prison of neglect.

How easily the story changed,

Where once the shepherd gayly sang,

Now sings a dirge of loss and pain,

Misunderstood while others gain.

But such the circle is in life,

Olympian too must fall to dust,

New Gods will touch their worshipper’s eyes,

While they grow old like titans did.

Such is the world they chose that day,

In casting out their older selves,

And pity touches Olympic fall,

They who were great now old and frail.



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