Gratitude 2

I see now how in all the spinning,
All the losing and undoing,
The gift you gave to stop the pattern.
The undoing of the constant cycle,
Rejection bred expectation of same,
But now I swim in cool, calm water,
All because and thanks to you.
The losing yet not losing,
The reduction of the mind,
Meant something stronger,
Something lasting,
Began to grow inside my soul.
So there will always be a hand,
To help however you need it,
A door forever open to you,
A meal, a home, as you see fit.
But nothing with an expectation,
And everything in proper time,
And as is wanted not desired,
We have one thing and that is time.
In the growing and the changing,
Undoing old and building new,
One thing is constant, never changing,
The worth of me and worth of you,
Not bound together, not a losing,
But strength in difference,
Support in truth,
And desire only to be whole,
First in self,
And rejoice in seeing the same in you.



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