Will You Drink With Me Now?

I will not, cannot justify my life,

It is the twisted, turning wreck,

Of other people’s prejudice,

Of other people’s need to own,

Control, destroy to lift,

Their own life up.

It is the mangled metal,

Burning rubber,

Splintered glass,

And oily flames,

Of their own need,

Deep seated need,

To be proved right.

To some how take,

Another person’s life,

And fix it,

When they can’t fix,

Their own.

So forgive me,

If I don’t play nicely,

And break the rules,

To change the game.

If I have had to duck,

And dive, to wheel and deal,

Just to survive until this point.

Forgive me now for finally,

Thinking of myself,

And putting my needs first,

To build a life less them,

And more for me.

I will not justify,

All I have done,

But I will sit with you,

Under the stars.

Open a bottle or two,

And tell you all,

No secret hidden,

Nothing covered up,

Every question truthfully,

And fully answered,

Without fear.

But I will ask you,

As that sun comes up,

Will you,

Can you,

Drink with me now?



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