Selfie Boy

Do I like selfies?


I hate to see myself,

In smiling, happy mood,

But as the selfies all stack up,

See all the changes,

In myself.

I hate them,

Yet I take them.

Watch as the tide of time,

Clicks by.

Each shot a tombstone,

To self hatred,

Each one a smile,

A little stronger,

Than the last.

So I get older.

Who the fuck cares.

It’s not for them I take the shot.

So I look ugly, fatter, thinner,

Reminds me how,

To love myself.

The ones I take,

For other people,

And see the love,

Burn in my face,

Then watch it fade,

To just a glimmer,

It marks the moments,

Of my life.

Not self promotion,

To another,

But self elevation,

New ways to think.

To see the changing,

Growing pattern.

Through selfies,

That I hate to take.

But I will keep,

The camera clicking,

To show the world,

The pride inside.

No filters,


Or fixing,

Just me,

The man,

I used,

To hide.



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