Beautiful sun

Beautiful sun,
Most proud, most cowardly,
I see now how you hide,
When from my door I walk.
Choosing to bath,
All others in your warmth,
While leaving me to winter.
Beautiful sun.
How have you forced me,
Thus to strive to feel your rays,
And whither from your loss.
I who rejoiced in you alone,
While you played numbers,
Befoul yourself by false nature.
Beautiful sun.
You turn your gifts to poison,
By being cowardice you fail,
And burn true ones who love you.
Would that you disappeared,
Dissolved in night,
Rather than keep this path.
Beautiful sun.
Bringer and blighter of life,
Ruiner of happiness,
False and lying, petulant child.
How do you spin the wheel,
And use another soul,
As credit against your own debt.
Beautiful sun.
Your light will fade,
And you will find your orbit,
Turned to dust and cold.
In little years the same will be,
Your fate as other younger,
Suns use you as you have used.
Beautiful sun.
Correct your path,
Move to your proper orbit,
Before your child.
Asks you just how you chose,
This path destructive,
Loses faith in you.
Beautiful sun.
You who are beauteous,
Yet you will fade and fall,
Into obscurity.
For want of honor,
You chose to be,
Momentary not your truth .



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