Corrupt spirit

Scaled skin,
Jeweled eye,
Forked tongue,
That lies.
Most beautiful,
Marvelous spirit,
Trapped within,
A nature so corrupted.
How have such serpents,
Come to dwell,
Within the confines,
Of my garden small,
Who bask in sunshine,
Whilst I work,
To nurture as they,
Kill new growth.
I watch them,
As they deliberate,
Plunge fangs into,
The once sweet earth.
They vent their poison,
Steaming and vile,
Delighting, rejoicing,
In all they do.
Bleeding my garden,
Strains anew,
As flowers die,
And grass turns back.
So tell me serpent,
For one speak true,
How is it that,
You choose this place?
Foul nature,
Does not have to be,
Your legacy,
When once you die.
Why must I kill,
Such beauty rare,
To save my garden,
And myself.



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