Gratitude 5

I am grateful.
Grateful that I bled.
For bleeding in the work,
And seeing beauty still.
Grateful for the hurt.
The walking of my talk,
And speaking only truth.
Grateful for the lessons.
The learning and the settling,
Though the path was hard.
Grateful for sisters.
Oh so grateful for their hearts,
And for the loving chiding.
Grateful for brothers.
Who walk with me,
In silence as I learn.
Grateful for days.
To stay afresh and breathe,
Clean air into my spirit.
Grateful for hurdles.
That show me how my heart,
Can leap beyond its understanding.
Grateful for peace.
To stop and hear the drumbeat,
Of two hearts beating together.
Grateful for the journey.
The walk through this wide world,
Into some better standing space.
Grateful of ends.
Of new beginnings,
Of the ego’s death.
Yes I am grateful,
For all of my relations,
And for all the ways,
They teach me,
To become more,
Than what I am.
They are the ones,
Who in believing,
I am strong,
Bring out my sweetness.
I am blessed.



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