Gratitude 6

The robin sings and I for one,
Am grateful for this my teacher’s song.
Grateful for an end to winter’s pain,
And hope that spring rebirth,
I now can claim.
Though snow still lies,
Upon the land and this my soul,
He sings, I listen,
Grateful for his company.
That eats the loneliness from my heart.
Plucking the worms of sadness,
And allowing me to breathe again.
This tiny bird born of a sky blue egg,
Who chooses now to sing to me,
Reminding me of growth.
Yet sad his song,
Locked with intricate memories,
That must be honored too.
Of mates rejection,
Unfilled nests,
So on he sings and I sing too,
Forming my pain to words,
And grateful for the lesson,
That one must sing alone,
Until a mate will sing with us,
And see our song as best.
We sing with gratitude,
And we are blessed.



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