How would I but embrace you?
Wrapping arm, to coil snake like,
About your waist, drawing you in.
Scent infused skin matching mine,
Perfume of spirit filling nostrils,
Urging, demanding, forcing limbs,
To curve and trace and intertwine.
Locking form within form.
Penetrating, spreading flesh,
Seeking communion cell to cell,
Beyond the privilege of any other.
Bud slowly teased to blossom full,
Reformed, engorged, ecstatic touch,
That trembling flower receiving joy.
Slow, magnificent slow the pilgrim,
Wrapped in the lovers flesh,
Devoured, devoted acolyte,
Seeking to understand,
The meaning of the silence,
Between the beats of lovers heart.
The taste, the feel of neck and thigh,
The infinite movement beneath skin,
The hope born of a look or sigh.
All as warmth flows, expanding,
Bursting in torrents, shuddering,
Into exhausted contemplation,
Of the throat and breast,
Still lingering lips would wander,
Before sleep and dreams,
Came to anoint the union.
And in those dreams,
Two spirits dance,
As physical now shifts,
Into divine most sacred.


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