Between the pale and dark,
The light and shade,
Of watercolor merging,
On the wet page.
The Virgin and the whore,
Locked in eternal kiss,
Fire and water,
The circle eternal.
There in that space,
Elpis stands,
Ravaged, raped,
Yet still a mewling babe.
The chance to shift the axis,
Change the course,
Buck the system,
Heal the wound.
Yet Elpis dies anew,
Locked in her prison,
Untill the wheel,
Can turn again.
And she reborn then dies,
To be reborn and suffer still,
By hands of men,
Both rough and smooth.
The stars in all their orbits,
Say the same,
That always, always,
Comes true cost.
Between the light and shade,
Skittering like insects, 
Awaiting the amber prison,
We know must come.



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