Mourning song


There will come a day,

When all the pain and sorrow,

That you carry,

Can be placed,

Upon the ground.

Then you will walk,

With unbent back,

And head held high.

That day will come.

I promise this to you.

And though it may not,

Come in days or months,

The time will come.

You will raise your face,

To greet the morning sun,

And feel your tears,

Dried by the gentle breeze.

You will stand on some high place,

And feel the corners of a smile,

Once more embrace your heart.

All that was heavy,

All you lost,

All that you saw as wounds,

Will fall away,

On that unexpected day.


Know your time,

Will come.

So walk, stumble,

Fall and rise,

As best you can,

Until that day,

For all the pain you feel,

Is worthy of the walk.

One day,

One day,

Creator whispers,

You will know once more,

The joy and light of life.


One day you will,

Stand once more,


But still the same.

So screw your courage,

Until that day,

Be it small and fragile,

Like a sparrow’s wing,

And know,

Just know,

Precious spirit,

Your time to sing,

Is waiting for you.

A day when you will,

Smile that you,

Have walked your walk,

And feel the sun,




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