Letter to Fox Island

You will not read this,
Will not hear these lines,
For I to you am dead,
And that, perhaps,
Is only just and right.
I who once was filled,
Brimming with hope,
Have no more words,
Just thoughts that rattle,
Inside a little life.
There are no more truths,
No glittering thoughts,
Save one important one.
That I hope the sun,
Is shining on your face,
That you are safe,
Are cherished,
Held in loving arms.
That there is peace,
And happiness,
In your heart.
You will not see,
Or even know,
These words exist,
And that is fitting,
But I must mark,
And honour all,
The creases of,
This heart,
To see them as good,
And to say honestly,
I thank you for them,
And all the joy and dark,
Of knowing you.



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