Remember simply this.
That before the pain,
The joys and laughter,
The heart that tore,
The one that beat.
Before the heavy days,
The sparkling nights,
The fearful dark,
The happy dance.
Remember simply this.
That you are more than this.
You are the constant beating,
Of the universe’s heart.
Have been a thousand wondrous things.
You’ve danced in fiery suns,
And felt the rain upon your leaves,
Have known the loneliness of space,
The constant beat of rainbow wings.
That you have tasted flesh,
Have drunk from flowers,
Have spun fine webs,
And touched the hearts of men.
All this has been your path,
And will be soon again.
There is no death,
Save that you will expand,
To try new forms,
New ways to dance.
For you who were,
The star, the sun, the tree,
The briefly mayfly,
Ancient stone,
The rabbit and the fox.
All this you were,
And will become again,
And you will still be beautiful.
For you, yourself creation are,
And shall create until,
The last star winks to nothing,
And the universe is still.
This is your path,
From form to blessed form,
And beauty is your legacy,
Remember simply this.



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