Words Worth

For sale.
One poet.
One off,
And only,
Slightly used.
Displaying cracks,
Across the face,
And faded from,
Original brown.
Unfortunate tendency,
To need,
Wide spaces,
Hills, and wild, wet woods,
So possibly,
Not housetrained,
Or suitable,
For elegant abodes.
But poignant,
One of a kind,
(They certainly
The mould
With him),
But offers insight,
When correctly primed,
Into the truth,
Of little things.
Unique function.
Able to see,
Beauty in places,
Others may ignore.
Perhaps more suited,
To a country home,
As proportions have,
As time moved on,
Expanded somewhat from,
Original design,
And so do not,
Fit into,
Modern homes.
Best offer,
No reserve.
A truly unique,
Opportunity to own,
This one off,
Never to be seen again.



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