Cantata Infernal

There is no grace, no peace, no love,

No way to cure the wounds that cut,

No seeing past the filth of men,

Who called on God to force their will.

Now as an adult this I choose,

To seek no heavenly paradise,

But coming to my time of death,

I choose to set myself in hellish fire.

I choose instead, I claim my right,

To torments of the pit,

Damnations fire that blasts forever,

To breathe the choking sulphurous smog.

I will turn left not right,

When standing at the gates,

Were all of heaven offered me through grace,

And seek the arms of demons now instead.

Not for me the balm of God,

But rather give me fire and whips,

Of demons grim with torturous minds,

I live it here on earth.

Why should I choose eternity,

Blessed in the light of divine love?

When here on earth I never met,

The love of those who followed him?

Why should I choose to laugh and dance,

With earthly torturers and those,

Who broke my mind, my spirit, life?

Why should I choose eternal brotherhood,

With thieves of lives who then claim grace,

Receiving bliss despite their sins?

I choose to stand in judgement on their souls,

Heaven is not heaven should they pass,

Into it’s hallowed gardens, there to dwell,

No that is hell for me, to live with them.

Heaven will be eternal distance from their filth,

That saw small lives and chose to break small minds,

Just for their sense of needing to be best,

Above small children’s right to happiness.

No, I’ll embrace the devil, call him blessed,

Spit in the eye of God and curse his name,

Dance willingly into that fiery pit,

Just to be rid of sadists and of liars.

There, maybe, I’ll find peace from those,

Who could not leave a child to grow,

Without so breaking him apart,

That he chose hell over unjust paradise.

So when time comes then say no prayers,

Toss corpse into some hole and kick soil in,

And do not look back, do not mourn,

Just smile and know that you will heaven find.

The flesh that was important was destroyed,

When he was young and nothing now remains.



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