I wish someone had…..

I wish,

Not that this world were some more beautiful place, because it is already;

But I wish that I had found that beauty earlier.

I wish,

Rather than being taught that I was wrong, and sinful, denied my place in it;

That someone, anyone had said “you are ok”.

I wish,

That just one person had been brave enough to stand against society’s view,

And stopped my life being robbed from me to make other’s comfortable.

I wish,

That I was still that young, vital man and that in all I did I knew the security,

Of being normal, just another human being, acceptable for my merits.

I wish,

Dear, unknown yet living friend, that you had found me in all of my distress,

And that you had shown me the peace that comes from hope in better tomorrows.

I wish,

That I had tasted love’s sweet flavour in my youth, felt pride to stand at an altar,

But I hope that I shall still know the joy of growing into senility with someone.

I wish,

That I had not had to walk the path I did, but know that I do not blame you;

All this I did without you, so please promise me, the child to come will not be alone.





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